12 January 2009

Polo pal defends prince

On this day in 2009, millionaire Asian businessman Kolin Dhillon came to the defence of the Prince of Wales over allegations of racism, after the Daily Telegraph revealed that the Prince and his sons referred to Mr Dhillon as ‘Sooty’ – the nickname given him when he joined Cirencester Park Polo Club in 1975. This revelation came just two days after of a controversy involving Prince Harry, who had been filmed calling fellow Army officers ‘paki’ and ‘rag head’.

Mr Dhillon insisted that his nickname was a ‘term of affection’ and added that: ‘The Prince of Wales is a man of zero prejudice and both of his sons have always been most respectful.’

Anti-racist groups branded Prince Charles ‘out of touch’ for using the nickname, but a Clarence House spokesman dismissed the accusation as ‘ridiculous’. There was some sympathy for the princes, however, as this letter clearly shows…

The princes are old friends of Mr Dhillon's


First Prince Harry and now the Prince of Wales have, through their light-hearted use of racial epithets, fallen foul of the intolerant and impertinent modern desire to interfere in the private behaviour of individuals.

By contrast, the reaction of those involved reveals the key to a contented society: the royals regard themselves as superior beings and those around them are happy with this state of affairs. As loyal subjects their friends understand something others seem to have forgotten – that the princes were appointed, not by governments or boards of governors, but by God.

Buckingham Palace spin-doctors should stop apologising for royal banter and adjust their “message” accordingly.

Richard Brinkley, Kensington

Picture: PA

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