10 January 1907

Royal Reynolds

George Reynolds & Son were awarded a Royal Warrant on this day in 1907, for their services as purveyors of high quality confectionary to Edward VII. The King, who was a connoisseur of cigars and other tobacco, suffered respiratory problems in later life. He was never without a tin of the company’s Smokers’ Pastilles, which were flavoured with menthol and Scotch whisky.

The Reynolds ‘Pastimes’ range included Motoring Gums, Shooting Toffee, and Hunting Chews (another royal favourite). Fortnum & Mason has always included at least one item of Reynolds confectionary in its Christmas hampers, after Queen Mary complained that a complimentary selection sent by the shop contained nothing suited to an afternoon walk.

Reynolds sweets remain popular today, as this 1995 article, from the Observer magazine, makes clear...

Reynolds products are a staple of Fortnum & Mason


Tom Richards, Actor

Reynolds’ Anchovy Pastilles

It has to be Reynolds; other fish lozenges simply don’t compare.

They are quintessentially English, which I really appreciate now that I live in France. I get them sent over by Fortnum’s.

If you haven’t tried them, you really should. They’re not to everyone’s taste, of course, and they are very hard, so you have to suck them for several minutes until they become soft enough to chew.

I couldn’t survive without my regular fix. I suppose you could say I’m an anchovy addict.

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