7 December 1969

A dead star is born

The ‘Pet Shop Sketch’, better known as the ‘Dead Parrot Sketch’, was first broadcast on this day in 1969, in the ‘Full Frontal Nudity’ episode of Monty Python’s Flying Circus. Its origins lay in an earlier sketch inspired by Michael Palin’s encounter with a shifty and evasive car salesman. ‘Dead Parrot’ became famous around the world, and Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher quoted from it at the 1990 Conservative Party Conference. Its significance is debated to this day, as shown below…

Pet shop boys: John Cleese and Michael Palin


From You Tube, posted April 2007

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jayze (7 hours ago)

the guy lize but the other guy aint buyin it

PacketOfChris (6 hours ago)

Tall guy is graham chapman

Lennonlives (6 hours ago)

Dude, your brain must be hurting (is your name Gumby?) The tall guy is John Cleese. Graham Chapman died of AIDS, a great loss to comedy and humanity.

aren18 (6 hours ago)

dumass brit fag

Lennonlives (6 hours ago)

I’m American, not British, and I am not a “fag” as you so offensively say, but I have no problem with those who choose to be gay.

PythonGuy (6 hours ago)

Graham Chapman was a doctor and a very cool guy. I met him in Toronto when the Pythons toured Canada in 1974. He was charming and funny, and always had his pipe in his mouth.

aren18 (6 hours ago)

ur dick in his mouth fag

MrGumby (6 hours ago)

My brain hurts!

aren18 (6 hours ago)

ur ass hurt’s fag

chimpyboy (6 hours ago)

its dead!!! lol!

deanday (6 hours ago)

the shop guys like so old fashion lol

Snoop7 (4 hours ago)

i seen this before

Dazy (4 hours ago)

i seen it to i think the same 1 but mite be somthin else

randomgirl (4 hours ago)

me 2 i seen it on tv like year’s ago?

Jay89 (4 hours ago)

i saw somthin once but cant rember

thethinker (4 hours ago)

This is so lame the bird is like so obviously stuffed. Brits are so dumb they believe this could like actually happen duh!

RobBurton (4 hours ago)

I think you are missing the point. The joke is that the pet shop owner knowingly sold a dead parrot, and is trying to cover up his deceit by trying to convince the customer that it is alive. Perhaps you should watch it again, then you might appreciate the comedy

aren18 (4 hours ago)

i think ur “MISS”ING the point that ur an asshole an u suck dick asshole

misskitty (3 hours ago)

pythan rock’s!!! im 16 an love all brit-ish comedy  benny hill goodies mr been little britan

tellthetruth (2 hours ago)

if you listen to cell phone call’s recorded by the cia they show that bush new all about the plane’s going into the twin towrs an he talkd 2 the pilot of the plan an promisd 2 pay money to al queda because of his cousn’s oil investment’s

phoenixphil (2 hours ago)

shop guy say’s the parots sleepin but its dead an the other guy suspec’s hes lyin an they argue about it an he bang’s the cage an the parot  dosnt move

GerryManda (2 hours ago)

bush and 9/11 are just part of a whole world conspicy read illuminates its all ther

gumbyguy (2 hours ago)

it has cease to be!

Scott467 (1 hour ago)

pet shop guy own’s the geeky guy lol

coolio9 (1 hour ago)

Agree the pet shop guy must think the other guy is stupid

Scott467 (1 hour ago)

but the customer guy is not so dumb he suspec’s the other guy is shittin him

MrMen (58 minutes ago)

This is one of the most famous Python sketches but I prefer some of the others Palin is a genius IMHO.

Leviathan (55 minutes ago)

I agree, but Palin is good in this though.

MrMen (54 minutes ago)


Leviathan (53 minutes ago)

By the way I didn’t mean any offence before.

MrMen (52 minutes ago)

That’s OK I didn’t notice anything offensive in your post.

Leviathan (51 minutes ago)

Sorry, my mistake – I just read what I posted and realized I left the offensive bit out. I’m an idiot!

MrMen (50 minutes ago)

No problem but just out of curiosity what was it?

Leviathan (49 minutes ago)

What was what?

MrMen (48 minutes ago)

The offensive thing you forgot to put in.

Leviathan (47 minutes ago)

Nothing important. I’m glad I didn’t put it in actually.

MrMen (46 minutes ago)

I’d still like to know what it was…

Leviathan (45 minutes ago)

OK, but If I tell you, I want you to take it in the spirit it was intended.

MrMen (44 minutes ago)


Leviathan (43 minutes ago)


MrMen (42 minutes ago)

So what was it?

Leviathan (41 minutes ago)

fuck u faggot ur mother sucks cock

MrMen (30 minutes ago)

OK. I admit I am a bit disappointed by that, as you seemed like a decent person. But thanks for telling me anyway – at least you were honest.

Leviathan (29 minutes ago)


gemmagirl (18 minutes ago)

im 15 and I love all comedy and music

Leviathan (17 minutes ago)

u “LOVE” them? u fag

gemmagirl (15 minutes ago)

i am a girl

Leviathan (14 minutes ago)


SpanishIquesicion (12 minutes ago)

lovly plumige! lol!

Kirsty32 (10 minutes ago)

agree its funny but don’t get why is the bird dead?

WilsonDude (5 minutes ago)

It’s dead because that’s the joke – the pet shop guy has conned him into buying a dead parrot

Kirsty32 (2 minutes ago)

So why did he buy it if it was dead?

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