25 January 1992

Belted Jacket

Luton welterweight Dave ‘Full Metal’ Jacket won the World Boxing Association title on this day in 1992, beating Mexican champion Julio Hernandez at the Wembley Arena. The nickname came from his habit of entering the ring wearing all his prize belts at once.

For three consecutive years Jacket held an extraordinary total of 11 titles: British Boxing Board of Control, European Boxing Association, Commonwealth Boxing Council, International Boxing Organization, International Boxing Federation, World Boxing Union, World Boxing Federation, World Boxing Board, World Boxing Association, World Boxing Organization and the World Boxing Council. His entire body, including his legs, was covered in ornamental metal and he had to be lifted into the ring.

Dave Jacket is the cousin of football manager Kenny Jacket. As young boys, dressed in boxing gloves and shorts, the pair performed ‘Two Lovely Black Eyes’ on the talent show Opportunity Knocks. They finished runners-up to Lena Zavaroni.

The WBA belt: just one of Jacket's eleven titles

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