17 December 2000

‘Fun size’
condom launched

The launch of the ‘fun size’ condom on this day in 2000 was a measure of how attitudes to contraception had changed in Britain since the founding of the Family Planning Association seventy years earlier. Reaction was positive, as this report from the Guardian shows…

Condoms can be fun


‘Young men are constantly being pressured on matters of sex and self-image, and many become anxious about their bodies when they compare them to images in advertising and the media,’ said Sally Field of the Youth Contraception Agency.

Ms Field was speaking at the launch of a special ‘fun size’ condom, which is smaller than a standard sheath.

‘The phrase “fun size” sends out a two-pronged message,’ she explained. ‘It says that sex is fun and penis size is unimportant. Young people can relate to this because it speaks to them in their own language.’

The launch took place at the Blair Peach Community School in Southall, and the initial response was positive.

‘I think young people can relate to it,’ said 15-year-old Ravi Singh.

‘It speaks to them in their own language,’ agreed Dwayne Cook, also 15.

In the demonstration that followed, students fitted the condoms over a selection of small vegetables.

The condom was endorsed by Rachel Sterling, the Minister for Young People, who described it as an example of British innovation at its best.

The contraceptives come in a range of packet designs, which contain information about bullying, eating disorders, and recycling household waste.

Picture: Alaskan Dude

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