Barrett’s Beholden

I am indebted to the following for their assistance.

To begin at the beginning: my old friend Simon Jameson – comic genius, bon viveur and arbiter of all things rocking. As well as enjoying his company since schooldays, I have also had the pleasure of writing with him. A few entries (marked ‘Barrett-Jameson Archive’) have their origins in these collaborations.

Craig Lancaster was generous with his time and talent, and did the lovely logo and buttons.

Sheldon Daniels of Creative Esprit put the site together and Rebecca Newnham did the pages and the ‘charity’ logos.

Paul Sorene provided a home in his Anorak.

Cosmo Landesman, Mick Hume, Bill Dunn and Maxine Chung gave help, encouragement and useful insights.

Those quoted in Barrett’s Bouquets took the trouble to read the material and give their opinions, even though they didn’t know me. In particular, Michael Palin was characteristically encouraging, Craig Brown went out of his way to help, and Ian Hislop found a place for me in his organ.

Finally, someone who knows me only too well. Thanks for everything, Kirsten.